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October, garden tasks, vegetables to plant in October, vegetables to sow in October

Early autumn is upon us and the weather is starting to cool down. The summer bedding is now finished and the colour's have been replaced by berries and fruit. Virginia Creeper should have turned to a vibrant red by now. Sedums, Pyracantha, and Rubeckia are also at there best at the at this time of the year.

October in the garden

The main jobs this month are to clear away the remains of the summer bedding plants, plant bulbs and prepare non-hardy plants for the first frosts. Towards the end of the month keep and eye on any dead leaves in ponds. If you have some netting cover the pond to keep out more leaves.

  1. Prune climbing roses and fruit canes
  2. Mow lawns
  3. Lay turf
  4. Plant cabbages
  5. Order next years seeds
  6. Prepare asparagus beds for spring planting
  7. Cut back asparagus foliage
  8. Dig over unused vegetable plots and apply manure


In the The Vegetable Garden in October


  1. Harvest Pumpkins and Squashes and leave them in a sunny but dry location to allow their skins to harden. Then store them in a cool, dry, dark place.

  2. Lift potatoes, carrots and beetroot, but leave parsnips until they have been frosted.

  3. Pick remaining beans.

  4. In mild areas plant overwintering broad beans and cover with clochesHoe weeds in Autumn

  5. Water all crops where required

  6. Harvest Onions and bend over the leaves of others to prevent seeding

  7. Continue to lift potatoes

  8. Plant later season crops under cover

  9. Remove Tomato leaves to expose unripe fruit

  10. Pick and store herbs, collect seeds where possible


In the The Fruit garden in October


  1. Pick apples, pears and grapes when they are ripe. Store unblemished apples and pears for storing and cook or eat the remaining.

  2. Lift and divide rhubarb crowns

  3. Take hardwood cuttings from gooseberries, figs, grapes and currants.

  4. Pick hazelnuts and cobnuts when they start to change colour to an orange/brown. Be quick before the squirrel gets them.

  5. After harvesting blackberries and raspberries cut the stems down ready for next years growth.

  6. Cover fig trees with netting and fill with straw to keep the embryonic figs free from frost to allow them to continue to grow next year.

  7. Plant new trees whilst the soil is still warm.

  8. Keep Strawberry runners under control

  9. Prune fruit trees



In the The Flower garden in October


  1. Hoe weeds

  2. Plant spring bulbs

  3. Sow spring flowers

  4. Repair lawns

  5. Take rose cuttings

  6. Trim lavender to promote new growth


In the The Greenhouse in October

With the colder nights approaching keep an eye on the temperature and close the greenhouse windows when required. Feed greenhouse plants and keep them watered.Keep and eye on any new cuttings.Build trusses to support tomato crops.Examine any potted plants to make sure they don't become pot bound, and repot if necessary. Check and service any heating equipment.

What to Buy in October

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