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We are now in late winter, the ground is hard with frost and planting should be reserved to the greenhouse or indoor window sills.

The Vegetable Garden in February

February is a waiting game for the gardener, whilst nature teases us with the first glimpses of new growth from the Snowdrops, and in warmer areas the first Primroses will be flowering on south facing sheltered banks. For the vegetable gardener we must bide our time and prepare for the short explosive growing season. February is the time to get bedding plants into a warm greenhouse and get them ready for spring. Also planting Summer cabbages and carrots under cloches can be done now. Want some early radishes and lettuce, why not make a Hotbed from horse manure and straw?

The Gardeners Calendar Team

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Where possible peg out polythene or cloches to keep the worst of the cold weather away. This will also help warm the soild in the small amounts of weak sun we get at this time of the year.

The Fruit garden in February

Check the grease bands around fruit trees and renew as required.

If not already done, prune Raspberry canes to 6 inches.

Check the fruit stores for rotting fruit, or attacks by rodents

Plant fruit trees, fruit canes and fruit bushes.

The Flower garden in February

  • Remove fallen leaves from the borders

  • Cut down and compost the annuals

  • Take hardwood cuttings of shrubs and fruit trees

  • Continue plating bare-root Roses

  • Tidy beds

Plant bare root roses in to holes full of organic matter. The more the better. Plant deeply to prevent the root stock from shooting.

The Greenhouse in February

  • Look after the seedlings and plants

  • Replace the washed shelving and pots when they have dried

  • Clean and stack pots and trays.

  • Check heater is working and refuel if needed

  • Check bubble-wrap is still in place

Look out for any pests and remove as required.

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