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Too wet to garden

Posted By: 23/02/2011 08:42:00

Well another quiet week for me in the garden.

The soil is too wet to walk on and the the early tomatoes and peppers are waiting for the right moment to emerge. The chickens have started laying again and they are now producing four eggs a day. Last year there was only one day when we had no eggs, but this year the snow and cold weather really upset the girls. It got so bad I actually bought some eggs from the local farm shop, and even though they where 'Organic free range' the yolks were pallid and poor compared to home grown eggs. It was a useful reminder of the poor quality of food commercially available to us. For anyone who has thought about having their own chickens I urge you to get a couple this year. They will pay you back in so many ways. Even if you only have a small area of grass if can be enough for a couple of bantams (small less destructive chickens), you don't need a Cockerel for them to lay, and a large bag of layers pellets will cost you £7 and it will last 2 bantams about 6 months. This is a great time of year to start planning for chickens as you can get everything organised in time for the Spring poultry auctions. I can guarantee you your first egg will make the most tasty omelette you have ever eaten.

I found this website which sells some very reasonable priced houses for Pekins and it's got some great photos too.

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