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False Spring

Posted By: 23/02/2011 08:45:00

What a funny week it's been weather wise, one minute Spring is here and the birds are singing their little heads off and the next minute they're covered in snow as Winter returns.

This morning I was woken by torrential rain rattling the window, and the cockerel was so alarmed he started crowing. Well to be fair he'll crow at anything really. I shouldn't be surprised about the weather as this is normal for the time of year, but I still find it frustrating as i just want to get out into the garden and get the ground ready for sowing. With the ground as wet as it is it will take several weeks of dry weather to dry the soil out so I might look at growing some container based crops this year. I had an email last week with the advert at the bottom of this newsletter showing the Potato Gro-Sacks from Unwins, and it reminded of some of the emails I get from people who have very little space to grow anything. Here is a perfect example of how you can grow your own crops in the tiniest of spaces. OK so you're not going to live off the yield from just three bags, but if you follow the instructions you should get a sizable crop, and what's more you can keep the bags and start growing other veg when the potatoes have finished.

On a slightly related subject this year I have been asked to advise a local trust about the growing of Vegetables on a local disused building plot. As the project develops I'll keep you up to date with how it's progressing. At this point the project looks like it is going to be based on the 'Organoponicos' growing techniques used in Cuba and South America, and as far as I know it hasn't been followed in the UK yet. (Let me know if you have come across any in the UK) As well as being a community project the crops will be sold off locally and should become self funding in no time.

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