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Officially Spring

Posted By: 23/02/2011 08:47:00

Ready........ Steady......... and I'm almost prepared for the madness of Spring and what's more I think I've got everything organised touch wood.

But I still have a nagging feeling I'm missing something. Hey ho, I guess I'll remember when it's too late to do anything about it, just as I have every year. This week I'm on the lookout for some Sweet Peas, well I was until I found the special offer which I've included in this newsletter, for the 'Help for Heroes' Sweet Peas. Last year was my first attempt at growing Sweet Peas, and to be honest I only grew them to cover a new bit of Trellace in the garden, but like everything else to do with gardening I've found growing them to be quite addictive. Last year I grew 6 plants and ended up with continuous flowers throughout the summer, and what's more the smell was amazing. So this year I'm going to grow some more, in fact lots more. I have a section of fence about 100 feet long which I'm going to plant Sweet Peas along the whole length. Now that should an amazing show of flowers, and the fragrance should be overpowering.

Over the next few weeks I'm looking for Lambs and also some Piglets. A task which is surprisingly hard to achieve. So far every advert I have rung up has sold out. It looks like there are more and more people deciding to rear their own livestock and it's causing a shortage of animals. Any way I shall persevere, and maybe I should start to think about breading some of my own.

Next week is the time to sow 'Cold Sown' Tomatoes so if you haven't got your seeds yet you better get a move on. Alternatively, if you want to hang on a for a month you can go to the Garden Centre's or Nurseries and buy ready grown plants. It may sound the lazy way to grow plants but you will have a better chance of growing a successful crop of Tomatoes, and it's a rewarding way for a beginner gardener to get started. Oh and whilst you are at the Garden Centre's take a look at all the plug plants they have in stock. If you are feeling confident and you have the space to grow them on, this will be a cheaper way to grow you bedding plants for Summer.

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