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Cabbage Information



Brassica oleracea

Cabbages come in many varieties, not only do the varieties cover all year round harvesting, but they also come in many different shapes and colours.

Moon Planting Type: Leafy

Soil Type: Any Soil

Aspect: Any aspect

Light: Full Sun

Hardiness: Hardy

Moisture: Well-drained

pH: Neutral (6.6 - 7.3)



Cabbage Growing Notes


Sow Summer/Autumn Cabbages from January to the end of June and they will harvest from July until November. Sow Winter cabbages in June, July and August for harvesting in October, November, December, and April, May next year. Chinese cabbage can be sown in June, July and August for harvesting in September and October.

Pruning & Thining

Thin as required


Cut the younger leaves from the center of the plant, this is known as the 'heart'. It should be a firm ball shape varying in size depending on the variety. Remove the Root after harvesting so as not to encourage disease or pests.

With Spring cabbages it is possible to cut the stalk with a 'cross' on the top to encourage the growt of four more cabbages.

Select a Variety

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Cabbage Varieties

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