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Asparagus Information



Asparagus officinalis

The spears make an excellent starter when drizzled with hot butter. It takes three years before you can harvest your first crop. They will continue cropping for 20 or so years.

Moon Planting Type: Root

Soil Type: Sand

Aspect: Any aspect

Light: Full Sun

Hardiness: Hardy

Moisture: Well-drained

pH: Neutral (6.6 - 7.3)



Asparagus Growing Notes


Soak seeds for 24hrs then sow 1cm deep and 30cm between rows. Thin plants to 15cm as they grow. After the first year lift the crowns and replant into a trench 20cm deep and pile up a ridge 8cm high.

Pruning & Thining

Keep weed free, but avoid using a hoe as it could damage the crowns.


On the third year you can start cutting the shoots when they are 12-15cm high. Cut 5cm below the earth with a sharp knife. After 6 weeks let the remaining shoots grow to maturity.

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Asparagus Varieties

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