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Potato Information



Solanum tunerosum

Potatoes are the edible tubors. There are many varieties and colours available. Potatoes are grown in rows and the soil around the base of the plant is piled high to encourage the growth of more tubors, and to prevent the sun light from discolouring the tubours.

Moon Planting Type: Root

Soil Type: Any Soil

Aspect: Any aspect

Light: Full Sun

Hardiness: Hardy

Moisture: Well-drained

pH: Acid (6.5 - 5.5)



Potato Growing Notes


Early varieties should be placed in fruit trays or egboxes with their eyes facing upwards. Leave them in warm light conditions until small sprouting shoots have grown 3cm. This process is called 'chitting'. Once 'chitting has taken place you can now plant them out. Gardeners World performed a trail of chitted and non chitted potatoes and the overall results where in favour of chitting to improve yeilds. Maincrop potatoes do not need chitting.

Planting out the chitted potatoes into a trench 15cm deep and 35cm apart. Keep 45cm between rows to rake soil over the tubors as they grow.

Pruning & Thining


Harvest early crops when they are flowering, and the main crop is harvested a week or two after the brown plants have been removed.

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Potato Varieties

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