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Carrot Information



Daucus carota

An orange root vegetable. Although it could be red, white, yellow, or even purple. Most commonly they are long and pointed, but they can be short and stubby. Whatever they look like they taste delicious when cut and cooked in butter. Plant then with Onions and Marigolds to reduce the chances of carrot fly attacking them.

Moon Planting Type: Root

Soil Type: Any Soil

Aspect: Any aspect

Light: Full Sun

Hardiness: Winter Protection

Moisture: Well-drained

pH: Neutral (6.6 - 7.3)



Carrot Growing Notes


Sow 1cm deeo and 30cm between rows. For best results sow in a light stone free soil to reduce the risk of deformations.

Pruning & Thining

Thin as required, and remove thinnings to compost heap immediately, or Carrot fly will find your crop.


Harvest as required and thin out rows to leave room for larger carrots later on. Eat raw or cooked.

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Carrot Varieties

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