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Seed Sowing Guide - When to Sow

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When is the best time to sow my seeds and how can I get better germination results?

When should you sow your seeds?

The packet which contains your seeds will have a guide to the time of the year when the seeds can be sown e.g. April-May, but this is only a rough guide and depending on which country you live in and where the seeds came from you may have erratic germination. For a more accurate guide to the correct sowing of the seeds refer to the germination temperature of the seeds which should also be on the packet, if you can't find it on the packet refer to our plants database for a guide.  Simply measure the temperature of the seed compost or medium you will be growing in before you sow.

Should I cover the seed trays with paper to keep the light out?

Well it depends on the seeds you have sown, some like light (not direct sunlight) and some like the dark, some just don't care. The packet should tell you what your seeds would prefer, or you can refer to our database for this information.

 What should I sow my seeds in for the best germination results?

A seed compost should be low in nutrients and provide access to moisture and warmth only, seeds are provided with enough nutrients to germinate and then produce their first set of true leaves, after that they can be 'potted on' into a potting compost. A potting compost provides nutrients to help a young plant grow strong and these minerals can in some cases harm newly germinated plants, thats why they should not be used to sow seeds in. For the best results choose a John Innes Seed Compost.

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